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When we travel, we often meet people far worse off than ourselves, so naturally wish to help them .. but hesitate, because in many cases, most of the money we donate goes to Staff and Administration costs.

Here is a real one, with no staff salaries, and extremely minimal, totally transparent, admin costs.

Mara Sandri first visited India several years ago, and was emotionally moved by the way most young girls were put a distant second to their brothers regarding education.

She was already a very capable woman, (with her own Guest-House in the Caribbean), yet this plight of young Indian women touched her to the quick, so Mara left her Guest-House for someone else to manage, and elected to fulfil her dream, by establishing a charity.


It would be called “Fior Di Loto”- help young Indian girls to gain an education – and be based in the enchanting Holy city of Pushkar, Rajasthan

(What a wonderful thing, if only we could all make our deepest wishes come true) .

A truly great man, Deepu Maharshi, (a Brahmin Priest), also gave his help gratis, and before long this foundation was up and running. Young girls were receiving education, plus being helped to improve their life conditions.

At first it was hard going, with very little funds, and ever so many young girls needing help.

For example. I wandered by at this stage, and vividly recall one moment.

While buying some biscuits from a small mobile stall, I was awed by the fact it was being entirely run by a bright, cheerful 8 yr old girl.!


How many 8 yr olds can do that in Western Society ?



I went to Mara and asked if I could sponsor her, but Fior could not do this, (at that stage), because they already had her sister in school, while other families were waiting to have their first girl receive schooling.

Yet gradually word got around, and folk from several counties elected to sponsor a girl. This does not cost much in Western money, yet gives each girl a years’ Education, Uniform, and free lunch every School day. While the Sponsors are allocated 0ne particular girl, and kept up to date with her Scholastic results etc.

Today, thanks to a great effort by Mara, Deepu, and their volunteer helpers “Fior Di Loto gives 700 young girls an Education, plus hope for a more fulfilling life, that they could only have dreamed about several ago.

Fior Di Loto is also now starting to help other disadvantaged parts of the local Community, such as Elderly people, needy families and Widows.

“Mara is 2nd from right – Deepu is the tall man 4th from left”

So if you have a few dollars spare and would like to help a genuine, transparent, and tax free charity, please visit their web site 


Cheers, and see you next Tuesday.