A few years ago, three young skydivers were living in a farmhouse near a beach in Central Queensland. One fine day one of them took off from the beach under a hang glider, caught a good updraft, so decided to fly over the farm and surprise his mates … however when he did, one of them came running out of the house with a shotgun, and started blasting away at him!

Bloody hell!

What a terrible feeling, hanging up here defenceless, with a bloke down below shooting at you!

He wheeled away, zoomed over to their dirt road, landed, then ran back to the house and kicked the door in … fully intent on turning the shotgun on his mate.

But … as he charged in … the villain was lolling back on the couch, smoking a huge marijuana joint …

“Hey man … should, shoulda seen it … Chicken Hawk man … biggest bloody Chicken Hawk you ever seen … right up here … think I got it.“

Aww, what could you say!