People all over Earth are capable of unique logic, but India has to take the cake, and I think this one is a classic.

People there never regard trains as being full … well the seats always are, but people just stand in a passage, lay on the floor, climb into baggage racks, or sit on the roof. No problems, that’s just the way it is. However I boarded a train in Assam one day armed with a 2nd class sleeper ticket, and, as it was starting from here, was nearly empty. Five Indian blokes joined me in our compartment, and it was looking like a comfortable journey … uh uh, suddenly hordes of people charged on, with 6 of them squeezing into our cabin.

Now one of the charms of India is their sublime tolerance … in the west we’d say “These are our seats, bugger off”, yet the five Indian guys with tickets, simply smiled and made room for these train jumpers.

The train choofed off, but then a Conductor marched in. He was all resplendent in an immaculate uniform, very aware of his own dignity, and dramatically stern. He took my ticket, put me through a 3rd degree grilling “Your father’s name is William? “ etc etc etc … examined the 5 Indian passengers tickets with the same extreme thoroughness … then simply walked out!

I was stunned, so asked a bloke beside me, why this super efficient Conductor ignored the other 6 train jumpers?

This Indian bloke looked at me askance, then patiently explained:-

“It is the Conductor’s job to check tickets,
how can he check theirs, when they don’t have any !”