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By Steve Kenyon


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We can never swim in the same river twice, as the water in it is constantly changing.

It is the same with life. Our own human fabric, woven into the tapestry of time is also forever fluid … remote places; wild characters living on the periphery of civilisation; their humour, courage, ideals and fertile imaginations … all live but once. These are their unique stories. They vary from a one particular adventure in lands such as Sudan, the Solomons, Soviet Union, and Vermont, to the one and only Papaua New Guinea … some are gentile sailing stories … whilst others relate to mad humour. They are all true … but some names have been changed to protect the guilty.

The Village of Here and Now - Solomon Islands

Time, that unflinching master of our western world, has apparently been denied entry here .. consigned to some minor desk job in the Ministry. Read more >>

Shotgun -V- Hang Glider - Central Queensland

What a terrible feeling, hanging up here defenceless, with a bloke down below shooting at you! Read more >>

Sailing in Tolkein Time

Twas a clear blue sky with fair and favouring breezes, as we hauled sail and ran down through the Family Isles, the only boat on a boundless ocean .. whilst Griegs Peer Gynt suite lent an edge of music to our minds. Read more >>

About Steve

About Steve

Steve Kenyon is an Australian who has travelled overland to the far corners of 65 countries – worked in a variety of occupations, from Outdoor Adventure Instructor; Construction Rigging; Skippering boats; Acting; to being a Social Worker with unemployed youth and is perhaps the last Marlboro Man still alive.

Vanity of Men

By Steve Kenyon Country: Africa

Quirky Logic

By Steve Kenyon Country: India

Jungle Esp

By Steve Kenyon Country: PNG


By Steve Kenyon Country: Bolivia


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